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Relax While We Contour Your Body

Body Sculpting Sessions

Have you ever heard of body sculpting before? I hadn’t! What I learned is that body sculpting is a non-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery, using trending technology to contour your shape. Those who are in the know have turned ancient practices into modern devices to create modalities that are effective and affordable.

The Best in Body Sculpting

Our body sculpting studio is a starting ground for many talented body sculpting technicians because we offer classes and partner opportunities. This means that we stay on the forefront of the body sculpting industry to give you great results with every session.

No mater what your body shape and goals are, we have a variety of sculpting tools and machines on hand to help you out. Our technicians are trained on how to evaluate your body and sculpt their way to the new you. 

We use our Ultrasonic Cavitation machines to sculpt, our Vacuum Cups to lift , and our Radio Frequency machines to tighten. We may also include Muscle Sessions, Wood Therapy, Cellulite Treatments, Body Wrapping or Detox treatments to further create your desired shape and tone. 

 Painless and with no down time, most clients will see micro changes  at their first session! Similar to a massage setting, you can relax and de-stress while we contour your body. 

The Steps We Take to Sculpt You

Myofascial Release

It is important to release adipose tissue at the fascial level, between the muscle and the skin. This tissue is stubborn fat and can carry toxins that can contribute to a wide variety of health concerns. 

Lymphatic Drain

A critical step is to inspire the body to release broken down adipose tissue through the lymphatic system so the body does not become toxic. We have a variety of techniques to help the body detox and drain. 

Shift and Tighten

We may choose to keep some of your stubborn fat, shifting it with our vacuum cups and wands instead. Once we achieve the desired shape we use infrared light to tighten your skin. 

Muscular Support

Re-educating your muscles is key to maintaining your desired shape, and is essential to your overall well being.  We have a few options for re-educating your muscles to provide critical support. 

Getting You More in The Flow

We have found that getting your systems to flow is crucial to reaching your body sculpting goals. Our exclusive menu of sculpting services are designed with this in mind. Our clients find that regular visits to our studio are essential to their overall well being, not just the shape of their body. 

If you haven’t been to our studio before, we will start you off with a 30 minute consultation so we can discuss your goals and recommend a plan of action. When you’re ready to book a session, we will help you select the right treatments from our service menu to meet your goals and budget.

You will always get the most for your dollar here at #HiFiBody!

Some places will charge $400 per body part for a 30 minute session. We average $200 per body part for a 1 hour session… that is half the price and double the time that you get to relax and let someone take care of you for a little while! 

We offer package discounts and payment plans so the process to get started is also painless. Depending on your body type and available schedule, we will match you with the best technician for your goals during your initial consultation. Need to lose weight or tone up your muscles? We got you! Lost weight and need to tighten your skin? We got you on that too! You can even bring a +1 with you for a Birthday Session, Bestie Session, or other crafted session called a Sculpting Party! Schedule a  Sample Session so we can evaluate your goals and recommend a package or party that fits your needs and budget. 

Body Sculpting Payment Plans

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Our Before and After Photos

We regularly share our Before and After photos on our social stories and highlights. Follow us for fresh photos! Here are just a few before and after photos from clients who were willing to share them…


Body Sculpting FAQs


Book a Sample Session to Get Started

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How to Prepare for Your Body Sculpting Session...

  1. Shower completely and dry hair.
  2. Do not wear lotion or deodorant on target areas.
  3. Do not wear jewelry, remove jewelry from target areas.
  4. Dress comfortably, prepare to remove all clothing except underwear.
  5. Wear underwear we can get gel on with easy access to glutes.
  6. Remember, we take before and after photos in your underwear!
  7. Wear sandals or shoes that slip on and off easily. 
  8. Bring compression garments to put on after your session for continued sculpting.
  9. Do not eat at least 2 hours before the session, NO alcohol for 48 hours before or after. 
  10. Drink up to 2 bottles of water before and after the session.
  11. Prepare for possible wood therapy for stubborn areas… you may experience pressure, friction, pinching, or being ticklish.