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Body Sculpting Classes

Take Our Self Sculpting Seminar

Self Sculpting Seminar

Learn How to Shape Your Own Body.

‘Body sculpting’ is the process of shifting the body or face into a more desired shape and is also known as ‘body contouring’.  Body sculpting can be done on virtually any area of your body such as the stomach, thighs, buttocks, arms, and chin area.  Anyone can benefit from body sculpting, and most people appreciate the added benefits of increased blood flow, better metabolism, increased energy, and of course the boost in confidence when looking in the mirror.  Consistent use of body sculpting methods can encourage the body to evolve into a more defined shape over time.  Take our virtual class to become a pro at sculpting yourself in the comfort of home! Learn how to shift your body or face into a more desired shape with non-invasive body sculpting options. 

Non-invasive options for body sculpting include:

  • “Sculpting from Within” by doing workouts, taking supplements, etc.
  • “Shape Training” with waist trainers, body wraps, fajas, etc. 
  • “Sculpting by Hand” with myofascial release, lymphatic massage, etc. 
  • “Sculpting with Tools” such as fascia blasters, wood tools, etc. 
  • “Sculpting with Machines” using radio frequency, vacuums etc.
Take our Self Sculpting Seminar to Start Your Body Sculpting Journey...

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Private Body Sculpting Classes

Have you been thinking about making a career change? Maybe you’re looking to add to your career, or create a new income stream for yourself. Whatever the case, body sculpting is a lucrative new industry! There are a lot of benefits to becoming a body sculptor that are appealing to anyone who is looking for a dynamic opportunity.

Get Started with Our Accredited Body Sculpting Bootcamp…

Become Nationally Licensed with Private Hands-On Training!

Learn modalities like…

 You will dive into the history and science of body sculpting to understand how to contour different body types based on the desired results. See how to set up a space for body sculpting and see how to use sculpting tools. Become your own best customer by learning how to self-sculpt. Get confident in working with other people when you learn how to set up for a sculpting session, give client consultations, perform sculpting services, and maintain a safe treatment space. 

Who this course is for:

Anyone over the age of 18 who wants to become a Licensed Body Sculpting Technician.

We are Accredited Educators with the National Med Spa Association…


This means that your Certificate of Completion from HiFi Body Sculpting Studio qualifies you to apply for a Practitioners License with the NMSA!

Our Body Sculpting Bootcamp will help you navigate the licensing process with ease and guide you on how to set up your business and brand. Learn all about licensing and insurance, and receive personal guidance on which steps you should take to reach your goals as a Body Sculpting Technician. We prepare you to pass the NMSA Licensing Exam and apply for your Practitioners License.

You can work for yourself or at an established sculpting studio once you’re licensed!


Bootcamp Pricing

Body Sculpting Bootcamp


Our NMSA Accredited Body Sculpting Bootcamp comes with: 

  • A Virtual NMSA Coursebook
  • Video Library Access
  • A Licensing & Insurance Checklist
  • A Business Branding Checklist
  • A Promotion & Bookings Checklist
  • A Sculpting Session Checklist
  • Sample Customer Service Forms
  • Exclusive Vendor & Shopping List
  • In-Person Hands-on Training

Additional 3rd Party Fees:

  • NMSA Licensing Application $299.99
  • NMSA Mandatory Classes $189.95
  • NMSA Exam Registration $39
  • Business Setup Fees (Various)
  • Sculpting Machines (Various)

We offer:

  • Flexible scheduling for Your Hands-on Training.
  • Nationally Licensed & Accredited classes.
  • Get 100% of the instructor's attention.
  • Get body sculpting work done on yourself.
  • Get photos and videos you can use to promote yourself on social media.
  • Start working on clients immediately with a 60 Day Work Permit.

Space is limited so we ask you to reserve your space with a $500 non-refundable deposit.

Balance due can be paid any time up to the start of class. 

Become a Licensed Body Sculptor, Starting With our Body Sculpting Bootcamp!

We offer a virtual 6 week course that allows you to learn at your own pace! Get started for just $600 and pay the rest over time as you continue to learn. Once we receive your first payment, you will have access to your Virtual NMSA Coursebook and Video Library where you can start to learn immediately. After you complete your Virtual Homework for the first week you can move onto the next week. Once you complete the homework for all 6 weeks you can schedule your training, which is a 2 day in-person private class where you will receive hands-on training, virtual homework grading, and help with application submission for your Practitioner’s License. 

Class Costs and Fees:

  • $3,600 for our virtual 6-Week Body Sculpting Course including hands-on training during a private in-person 2 Day 1-on-1 Masterclass.

Our virtual NMSA Accredited 6-Week Body Sculpting Course comes with: 

  • Virtual NMSA Coursebook
  • Video Library Access
  • Licensing & Insurance Checklist 
  • Business Branding Checklist 
  • Promotion & Bookings Checklist  
  • Sculpting Session Checklist
  • Customer Service Forms 
  • Vendor & Shopping List 
  • Hands-on Training

Additional 3rd Party Fees:

  • NMSA Licensing Application $299.99
  • NMSA Mandatory Classes $189.95
  • NMSA Exam Registration $39
  • Business Setup Fees (Various)
  • Sculpting Machines (Various)

How to get started:

Our course is separated into 6 learning modules. Each module has Virtual Homework that you must complete before you can go on to the next module. The course is designed to be done comfortably over 6 weeks, but can be done at your own pace. Each module is $600, and you must complete all 6 modules before you can schedule your 2 Day 1-on-1 Masterclass.

Our in-person 2 Day 1-on-1 Masterclass gives you hands-on training and guidance on…

  • Face Sculpting 
  • Chest Sculpting 
  • Arms Sculpting 
  • Back Sculpting 
  • Abs Sculpting 
  • Waist Sculpting 
  • Hips Sculpting 
  • Legs Sculpting 
  • Booty Sculpting 
  • and more!

You will receive a 2 Hour Full Body Sculpt on Day 1 and perform one on a model on Day 2.

Learn how to do a professional sculpting session by having one done on you first. Bring your own model to work on, or we can supply one for you.

The 2 Day 1-on-1 Masterclass includes…

  • Sculpting Techniques Lecture
  • Body Sculpting Sample Session
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Virtual Homework Grading
  • License Application Submission
  • Supervised Model Sculpt
  • Graduation Certificate
  • Graduation Photo Shoot
  • After Graduation Resources