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All About the New HiFi Body Sculpting Studio Location in Carson, CA

Long story short – I rented a commercial space for my new body sculpting business and I am so excited!

My name is Julie Phineas and I’ve had health problems for most of my life, but I’m resilient and used my down time to create a digital empire using my computer and telephone. Now, I am a local entrepreneur who has been working from home building a digital empire for over 15 years. In 2014, my business turned into a production company with an emphasis on website and social media production, content publishing, and digital promotion. I’d created a pipeline of over 50 digital properties and things were on the way up for me when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Starting a new business during a pandemic is scary but I didn’t have any other choice to be honest.

In March I had rented a room at Lavish Contour Salon & Body Bar on Avalon for my first offline business The Glow Up Energy Studio. I had found so much relief with Reiki energy healing that I took the leap to go offline, but the COVID-19 lockdown started the week I was supposed to move in so I wasn’t able to launch that business. Once the lockdown started, my digital income streams were dwindling down because my main sources of revenue were from selling tickets for live concerts and pride festivals. I also had a digital eating show that relied on restaurants being open, especially buffets. The room I rented was in a salon that couldn’t open up and I felt I was in a bind.

My wife was high risk so I asked her to go on disability until the lockdown was over and I filed for unemployment.

My son moved back in with us and our daughter couldn’t move off to college while the bills were piling up and the stress of the whole situation kicked me in my nervous system. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in September after being in bed with debilitating pain for 2 months. At that point I was in bed, unable to move without pain, and I decided I would not stand for this. Using all of my Reiki skills was not doing what I needed physically this time, so I got to work learning more about my chronic illness, and found that there is a connection between the body’s stored fat and chronic pain.

At this point I had a lightbulb moment!

When I rented the space at Lavish Contour, I did a Reiki session on the owners and a few of their team members, and the owner did a contouring session on me in exchange. I remember feeling so good that day. The process was a little much because I had to undress and let this woman put devices on my body; but when I left I felt energized and ready to tackle the day again. Putting together the pieces from other experts I invested in a few contouring machines and found that body sculpting has been the answer for me to stay pain free! Learning more I found that my skin tightening machine is good for circulation, and I feel like it is the reason why I feel so energized after a session.

Feeling good while looking good has become my new normal and I want that for you too!

HiFi Body Sculpting Studio is going to be a place where you can come to contour your body, mind and soul while you de-stress. Stay tuned for the next steps of the journey I’m going on to feel good and get back on top of my game. It’s going to be a lot of hard work, but I feel like the only way to go is up!

Sending good vibes to you all in the meantime…

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